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 Sapphy sapphires technology factory (china) was established in 1989 and Is specialized in the sapphire / ruby / rubine material (Al2O3) products design, production enterprises. The company is committed to the sapphire / ruby optical product research and development; advanced equipment, strong technical force; for all types of customers have the ability to provide world-class blue / ruby optical products; also be specifically designed for different user needs, development with special needs , standardization and other types of personalized crystal components, products. Produced by the various specifications of sapphire optical window films, sapphire wafer, sapphire LED substrates, sapphire prisms, lenses, crystal components, optical components for special purposes, access to domestic and international customers alike. The Company in good faith, abide by credit, customer interests! Customer acceptance, is the greatest honor our business! Honored, where the company has worked with the customer relationship, have taken the initiative and would be happy with the company to establish and maintain long-term, stable relations of cooperation. The Company believes that the cooperation with your organization will, as the company's cooperation with other brothers in the same understanding, happy! Choose us, the pace of development of your organization will go far more robust! looking forward to the company who work together with you!.


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