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Sapphire substrate - Lithium Tantlate(LiTaO3) wafer


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SAPPHY+ SAPPHIRES  Sapphire substrate Lithium Tantlate(LiTaO3) wafer description:
Lithium Tantlate(LiTaO3) wafer Diameter: 2 inch , 3 inch , 4 inch , 5 inch - 7 inch In accordance with the provisions of standard production Thickness: 500?15 |m, 1000?20 |m Orientation: X-Axis Y-Axis Z-Axis ? 0.1?? Y-axis 36?? Rotated, Y-axis 42?? Rotated TTV ?10 |m ?15 |m ?20 |m ?30 |m BOW ?10 |m ?15 |m ?20 |m ?30 |m Front Surface: 10/5 Back Surface: Fine ground (#240/#180); Polished (10/5) Chamfer: < 0.3 mm, 45???5?? Applications : Lithium tantalate (by Lithium Tantalate) crystal is an important multi-functional crystal materials, the crystal has excellent piezoelectric, ferroelectric, acousto-optic and electro-optic effect. Thus become a surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, optical communications, laser and photonics in the field of functional materials. Polished LT chips are widely used in resonators, filters, for the manufacture of energy and other electronic communication devices, especially good electromechanical coupling, the temperature coefficient of performance were used in the manufacture of high-frequency surface acoustic wave devices, and used in many mobile phones, radios, satellite communications, aerospace and other high-end communications. Factory in china.
Sapphire substrate

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