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SAPPHY sapphire fairing

SAPPHY Sapphire fairing

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Applications: The sapphire crystal is widely used in the semiconductor (MOCVD GaN epitaxial substrate), watches, medical, communications, laser, infrared, electronic, instrumentation, military and aerospace and many other cutting-edge high-tech field.

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Main technical specification

Products Name:Sapphire Fairing

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Materials: optical sapphire(Al2O3)

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Diameter Range (mm): 5.00~300.00

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Diameter Tolerance (mm): ¡À0.02

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Thickness Range(mm): 5.00~100.00

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Thickness Tolerance (mm): ¡À0.02

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Clear Aperture: 80%~99%

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Surface Accuracy£¨@632.8nm£©: ¦Ë~¦Ë/20 per 25mm

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Surface Roughness: 0.1¦Ìm per Inch

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Surface Quality: 80/50£¬60/40£¬40/20,20/10

SAPPHY Sapphire Fairing Parallelism (arcminutes): ¡Ü3.5

Orientation of Axis: According to customer requirements

Coating: According to customer requirements


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