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SAPPHY sapphire Substrate wafer

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Applications: The sapphire crystal is widely used in the semiconductor (MOCVD GaN epitaxial substrate), watches, medical, communications, laser, infrared, electronic, instrumentation, military and aerospace and many other cutting-edge high-tech field.

Sapphy Sapphire Crystal Materials:
99,996% of Al2O3,High Purity, Monocrystalline, Al2O3

Sapphy Sapphire Crystal quality:
Inclusions, block marks, twins, Color, micro-bubbles and dispersal centers are non-existent

Sapphy Sapphire Diameter:
2inch 3inch 4inch 5inch ¡« 7inch
50.8¡À 0.1mm 76.2¡À0.2mm 100¡À0.3mm In accordance with the provisions of standard production

Sapphy Sapphire Thickness:
430¡À15¦Ìm 330¡À15¦Ìm 250¡À15¦Ìm 550¡À15¦Ìm 500¡À15¦Ìm 430¡À15¦Ìm 650¡À20¦Ìm 550¡À20¦Ìm 500¡À20¦Ìm In accordance with the provisions of standard production

Sapphy Sapphire Orientation:
C- plane (0001) to M-plane (1-100) or A-plane(1 1-2 0) 0.2¡À0.1¡ã/0.3¡À0.1¡ã, R-plane (1-1 0 2), A-plane (1 1-2 0 ), M-plane(1-1 0 0), Any Orientation, Any angle

Sapphy Sapphire Primary flat length:
16.0¡À0.8mm 22.0¡À1.0 mm 32.5¡À1.5 mm In accordance with the provisions of standard production

Sapphy Sapphire Primary flat Orientation:
A-plane (1 1-2 0 ) ¡À 0.2¡ã
TTV: ¡Ü10¦Ìm ¡Ü15¦Ìm ¡Ü20¦Ìm ¡Ü30¦Ìm
LTV: ¡Ü10¦Ìm ¡Ü15¦Ìm ¡Ü20¦Ìm ¡Ü30¦Ìm
TIR: ¡Ü10¦Ìm ¡Ü15¦Ìm ¡Ü20¦Ìm ¡Ü30¦Ìm
BOW: ¡Ü10¦Ìm ¡Ü15¦Ìm ¡Ü20¦Ìm ¡Ü30¦Ìm
Warp: ¡Ü10¦Ìm ¡Ü15¦Ìm ¡Ü20¦Ìm ¡Ü30¦Ìm

Sapphy Sapphire Front Surface: Epi-Polished (Ra< 0.2nm)

Sapphy Sapphire Back Surface: Fine ground (Ra=0.5 to 1.2 ¦Ìm), Epi-Polished (Ra< 0.2nm)

Sapphy Sapphire Cleaning/packaging: Class 100 clean room cleaning, vacuum packaging derived nitrogen

Note: We can provide high-quality sapphire substrate wafer according to customers' specific requirement


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